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Welcome To Merick

News : School started up and so did we. We Slacked all  summer doing nothing productive with the band. With the addition of our new drummer, we are back. Concerts are coming.

E-mail Merick : Now you can email Merick if you have any questions or would like to be on the mailing list for show information, new events and Merick merchandise. Address is Please do not email attachments. Emails with attachments will be deleted without viewing.

Website : New Website. We changed our name to Merick and needed a change. It took a while but its up and running. New things are being added every week. Check in to see what new crap we have to show you. We will try to put movie clips and some songs on every month. We are more productive now and will do this, so check in. Keep signing the guest book.    

Members : New Drummer, Justin joined the band and changed everything. We can make music now.  learn more, go to the New Information page.

Songs :  New stuff is being written all the time and their always getting better. To check out what we song like, go to the Media page of this site. More songs will be posted in the near future, so check in.