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Local Events

The Latest

Now Happening : Writing songs for future album and preparing for up coming Concerts. Planning summer tour.  

Merick T-Shirts : T-Shirts are now selling. Contact Chris or Kevin for one. They run $10 per shirt. We have S M L XL.

Merick Email : 
                                       E-mail us for questions or to request us to play.

Full Album in the Near Future : Many people have asked for a CD or something from us. Well, to all of you, we are writing songs now to go on the ablum. We would like it to be completed before the end of spring to have it ready for our summer tour.

Awesome People : Thankyou Billy for allowing us to practice at the AMP. It's a change from Zach's basement and also makes it easier to hear everyone play.

We're All Over The Internet : Check out these sited that Merick is on:

 PureVolume, MySpace, Bandspace, Garageband, The AMP

Summer TourThere has been a lot of talk about us going on tour this summer, and the answer is yes we are planning on it. The dates and locations are not set, but will be posted on the site when we have it planned out.

New Manager : We have a new manager. Brittney, a very well oriented person, will help us manage, advertise, and set up concerts.